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«WS. Carrent»

Accounting for rentals, clients and finances
in a convenient software for 655 dollars.
No extra
The software includes
5 perpetual licenses!
We adapt your
agreement and acceptance act
We will embed your printed
forms in the software for 0 dollars
+ any modifications to order!
9 out of 10 employees
master the software in 1 hour!
0 dollars
for the first year!

Rental and reservation management

Simple and convenient visual search
for an available car
Carfleet schedule
Make new agreements
in 4 clicks in 1 minute
To print an agreement, you only need to select a client, car and rental period, the rest will be done by the software.
Set tasks
for the day
Specify the date on which you want to
display the plan and the software automatically
will generate a list of actions for this day.
View the
rental list
Browse the list of rentals for the selected period with
information on their status, which is displayed
in a specific color.
View the
list of deleted rentals
If the rentals have been deleted, then they
can be displayed in the list by
pre-setting the period.
View the
reservation list
Browse the list of reservations for the selected period with
information on their status, which is displayed
in a specific color.
View the
list of deleted reservations
If the reservations have been deleted, then they
can be displayed in the list by
pre-setting the period.
View the
number of rentals
Generating a report on the number
of rentals of each car for
a certain period.
Create your own
document templates
Upload your own printed forms
and create templates based on them:
agreement, acceptance act, etc.

Financial accounting

Monitor financial operations
in 1 window
Detailed cash accounting allows you to visually monitor the current financial balance of the company.
Control of changes
in financial operations log
With the help of this log, you can track the changes (deletion, addition, editing) of all financial operations.
Control all actions
of your employees
When deleting a financial record, the software will ask for the reason for deletion, and with the help of the hidden option of history view, all changes in financial operations are tracked.
Find out how much money is spent
on vehicle inspection and repairs
Monitor and track financial
expenses for vehicle
inspection and repairs.
Create new
payment purposes
Create your own income and expense
items in the built-in payment
purposes editor.
View the cash flow
budget report
A detailed report on income, expenses and profits
with the ability to view for the year
or a specific month.
income from extra services
Report on income from extra
services for the selected period.
average checks
Report on the average check for each
car for the selected period.
debt amounts
Report on debts and returned/
not returned deposits
for the selected period.
access for managers
Setting access rights for managers
to a specific account of the selected
branch, as well as access to cars.


Buy cars with the
best renting history
The car occupancy report will show which months and which cars are best for rent. This will help you make a decision about buying some cars and selling others.
Monitor the profitability
of each car
Car profit report shows all income,
expenses and profits for each
car for a certain period.
Make a
list of cars
A list of cars with the ability to mark
whether it is in the carfleet or not.
car information
A detailed profile that contains
all the information about the car.
Make settlements
with car owners
Information about the owner of a car, with the ability to configure the percentage of funds payment to him.
Possible to plan a
vehicle inspection
The possibility of planning the passage of vehicle inspection, when a certain mileage is reached.
Upload files with
car data
Storing data files about
car in a car profile.
Convenient rate editor with detailed settings and the ability to create various rate schedules.


Enter detailed
information about a client
Entering and storing client information in a database.
Make a list of all rentals
for the selected client
In the client’s profile you can see a list of all his rentals.
Keep in touch
with your clients
Automatic SMS sending as soon as an application is confirmed, a car is reserved and, also, at the end of a rental period.


Reservation in another cluster
When reserving a car that is located
not in the reservation cluster, the software will send a notification.
Rental completion
When the end of a rental is approaching, the software will send a notification.
Unclosed rental
If there are open rentals, the software will send a notification.
Overdue rental
If there are overdue rentals, the software will send a notification.
Setting up notifications
Setting up parameters such as the number of days not less than which the software will send a notification.


Individual salary setting
For each manager, you can set up an individual accrual of the percent from rental payments and extra services.
Salary report
A report on the salary of each manager for the selected period, with the ability
to make a payment.

SMS center

SMS mailing
Built-in mass sending SMS to clients.
Report on sent SMS
Report on sent SMS for the selected period.

10 more benefits of our software

The software allows 100% automation of key business processes, so the basic version includes the following functionality:
Settlements with owners
All income and expenses are recorded for each car. Each income and expense is divided in a certain proportion between the owner and the car rental company. As a result, the owner's balance and car rental profit are considered for each car.
Automatic accrual of the cost for overmileage
If a daily mileage limit is set for a rate, the software will automatically accrue the cost in case of overmileage. You can specify the threshold for accounting the cost of overmileage.
Accounting for vehicle inspection
For each car, you can schedule an inspection (for a specific date or for a specific mileage). At the right time, the software will notify you about it.
Accounting for sales of extra services
Along with each rental, it is possible to add to the accruals for a client not only items related to a rental, but also extra services - for example, a child seat, WI-FI, and so on.
Accounting for car idles
(when not rented out)
The software registers not only rentals, but also moments when cars were not rented out (idles), for example, due to repairs or lack of insurance. Such idle is then reflected in the car's occupancy percentage.
Sending a random SMS to a client
The ability to send random SMS from a rental form, a reservation form, a client's profile at any time, without reference to events - such as reservation, start of rental, end of rental, etc. Integration with smsc.ru website
Reminder of the end of Hull insurance and CMTPL
In the software, you can set up a reminder (specify how many days) about the end of insurance. When the deadline comes, the cars will be highlighted in a certain color on the occupancy chart.
Commenting for rental and reservation
For any reservation or rental, any user can leave a comment in any form. In this case, the software will remember the date and authorship of this comment.
Special «chart» for reservation
It is necessary for those cases when the same car is reserved by several clients at the same time for some future period. When the deadline is approaching, some clients can be reassigned to other cars.
Work on a local network or via the Internet
The software can work via the Internet. For example, in one office you have a server, while in other offices the client application that connects to the server and its database successfully works.

Individual modifications - 8 examples

"WS. Carrent” is suitable for both small car rental companies up to 10 cars and large companies with a fleet of more than 100 cars. We adapt the software to any requirements, implementing individual functionality if necessary:
Integration with the bank's
payment system
The bank has a mobile application that allows clients to pay for rental services from a smartphone.
Color differentiation of clients
The ability to mark clients not only in black (“black list”), but also to have any status with customizable colors (green - for example, “good client”, red - “undesirable”). At the same time, appropriate highlighting is made on a rental form, a reservation form, in a client list, in a client profile at the place where the client is indicated.
Warehouse account
The ability to purchase components for future VI (oil, brake pads, spark plugs, etc.). At the next VI it is possible to indicate that the consumable was not purchased now, but taken from the warehouse.
Registration of incoming calls
Integration with a digital mini-automatic telephone exchange, development and periodic calling of the client base, task control - functionality from the software of CRM systems.
The level of damage to a car
in the inspection sheet
The ability to draw and mark damage on the graphic diagram of the car. In this case, the manager will not forget to mark him in the inspection sheet.
Integration with more than
10 geolocation services
You no longer need to remember all the passwords - just click on a car and a map with its location will open directly in the software.
Multi-currency accounting
All financial operations carried out in the software can be carried out in any currency - dollars, euros and others.
Integration with your site for getting applications in software
When a client sends an application through the site, the application will be displayed in the list, the manager will only have to approve or reject it, then proceed to create the reservation.

Technical support for 0 dollars
during the 1st year

By technical support we mean operability support, no matter what: you have a Windows crash, a virus damaged your data, or something else - we will completely restore the software and data.
Determining the causes of software malfunctions and their elimination.
Data recovery
Data recovery for any date from a local backup or cloud storage.
Local backup
Set up daily local database backup.
Maintenance of the server side of the application
Installation/reinstallation/restoration of the server part (application server and/or database).
Maintenance of the client parts of the application
Installation/reinstallation/restoration the functionality of our application installed on end-user computers.
Remote access
Setting up remote connections to the server from anywhere in the world with access settings for one device (computer, tablet or phone)
Answers to questions about the software verbally by phone or skype, as well as in writing by e-mail.

Отзывы Ваших коллег

Car rental company «Beta»
Sochi city
Alexey Potrekhalov
«Great convenience at work, in our field of activity there are no other similar softwares»

It was necessary to make the software specifically for our requirements, but we could not find such solutions. The product was recommended by friends. Their company has already had experience in developing individual softwares, we saw these versions, we liked it, and we thought that we also want to do something similar for ourselves. Decisive was the cost factor. We considered the option to modify «1C» software, but such modifications cost 3-4 times more than just ordering a software for yourself.

As a result, we received an improvement in the quality of service and quality control of the services provided. Great convenience at work, since in our field of activity there are no such developments. Even in «1C accounting» software, there is not all the information we need. If someone is still in doubt, I’ll say that you don’t need to be afraid to invest money and save on developing your own business.

Car rental company «NarsCars»
Harkov city
Artyom Artymyan
«Now everything is done in one software and immediately»

We already had a software, but not as extensive as we needed. Partially kept entries in Excel. This led to the fact that when the month was closing, we reduced the finances only to the 25th, that is, only to the beginning of the next month! Many cities, many cash desks, everyone sends data in different formats — in general, the mess!
Now everything is done in one software and immediately. We got everything that we wanted. A particularly convenient thing is the report on the owners: all income and expenses for a car are visible. You need to give out money quickly to them (to the owners): everyone comes on the 5th, and you have not yet summed up and do not know how much to pay them. If someone still doubts whether they need such a software, I can safely say that we need to purchase it!

Taxi Service «Taxi Plus»
Chelyabinsk city
Andrey Gavrilov
«If you are tired of large Excel spreadsheets, then you should contact us»

The desire to purchase a product appeared because we had already got tired of Excel! Such huge tables, they can not afford to work! And then colleagues showed an advertising booklet. At first we doubted — you always doubt when you start something new. Now I don’t remember everything, we have been cooperating for a long time — for 3 years now. Most importantly, there was communication directly with the project manager — without intermediaries. Without direct contact, success would not have been.

In the end, what we wanted we got. For example, it happens that I can be free already by 2-3 o’clock and I start to think what I used to do all this time before, and then I remember: there was no software. In general, now I control everything much faster. And for those who doubt, I can say what was written in your ad: “If you got large Excel spreadsheets, then you should contact us.”

Software purchase - 4 options

monthly fee or hidden charges
The software is bought 1 time and becomes your property
required or paid updates
We never force customers to upgrade for a fee
Получить скидку 30%!

Только до 28 сентября 2021!

Minimum Standard Premium Maximum
1 493
1 045
2 671
1 870
Unlimited term of use
Unlimited term of use means the software will always work, without time limits.
Full functionality
Full functionality means that your version will have all the functionality available in the software at the time of purchase.
Full Full Full Full
Number of user licenses
For example, 3 user licenses means that access to the software can be carried out only under 3 logins.
1 5 20 Unlimited
Client server version
1 computer means that the software is installed only on 1 computer, without the possibility of connecting other computers or remote users to it.

«Local network + RDP» means that the software is installed on an unlimited number of computers in the 1st local network (in the 1st office), with the ability to connect to the server remotely (via RDP) from other offices, but without the ability to connect to the software using a client application via the Internet.

«Local network + client application via the Internet» is the same as the option «Local network + RDP», but also with the ability to connect to the software using a client application via the Internet.
1 computer Local network + RDP Local network + client application
via the Internet
Local network + client application
via the Internet
Adaptation of printing forms
We will take your templates and implement them in the software. When printing, a template will be formed with the substituted data from the software.
2 forms 2 forms 5 forms 10 forms
SMS mailing
Ability to send SMS messages to clients in any form or according to custom templates. SMS mailing from the software takes place via the service «smsc.ru».
The software will be installed by our specialists on your computers.
Training during implementation
After installing the software, our specialists in Skype will conduct training for your employees.
Technical support
Technical support is understood as support for the software's operability in spite of everything: Windows has crashed, a virus has corrupted the data, or something else — we will completely restore the software and data.

Extended support includes installation, configuration, monitoring and organization of safe operation of the Windows operating system on your server.
1 year 1 year - extended 1 year - extended
Free interface adjustments
Free interface adjustments, for example, within 2 months means that if during the specified period something does not suit you in appearance (“the button is not here”, “the text is different”) and there are no changes in functionality, then we will do it for free.
2 months 2 months
Integration with your website
Integration with your site means that we adapt the software to the format of your applications on the website, namely: we will develop an individual technical task for the developers of your website, according to which they can organize the transfer of applications from the website to the software, and in the software we will add the application processing module so that they can be used to automatically create reservation.
Importing data from old softwares
Our experts will transfer completely all the data from your old software to the new one, and, if desired, will clear the database of old irrelevant data that slows down the system.
Integration with your track service
Integration with your track service means that we will add to the software the ability to open a map and watch the location of a car. Provided that the car is connected to one of the geolocation services that have a web interface.
Personal project manager
Throughout the entire period of use of the software, you will have a personal high-class manager, who is a project manager for custom software development, available not only by email, but also by skype. He will help you implement the software, formalize the requirements for the software, draw up technical specifications and more.
Functional module to order for free
The development of any one module of the software to order for free - for example, automation of inventory control, integration with the service for checking traffic fines, and so on.

Triple guarantee - according to the contract!

Did not like the interface (appearance)?
Redo or refund 100% of the cost of the software!
The software did not fit your company?
Adapt or refund 100% of the cost of the software!
Failed to implement the software?
We will make the software work for you or refund 100% of the money!

Installation guide


How is your software different from others?

According to reviews of many companies, our software is much simpler and more convenient, it has a concise and intuitive interface. Employees master it on their own within 1 hour.

In the «Standard» package, the number of allowed users is quite large — 20, and support for the first year is free.
Unlike all companies that offer tough standard solutions, our software is very flexible and can be adapted to any company.

In addition, there are currently no softwares on the market except ours that meet all modern requirements, such as integration with the geotracker, accepting applications from the site, subrental settlements.

Do I have to pay for the software monthly?

No, the software is bought once and becomes your property.

The only case in which you need to pay constantly is if you decide to place the server part of the software in the cloud (on a server on the Internet). The cost will be determined by the hosting provider from which you will rent a server. But this is not necessary! Most of our customers deploy the software on their own computers, so they don’t have any monthly fees.

We do not have a car rental company (or not a very ordinary car rental company), but your software has the functionality that I need. I did not find the functionality that I really need.

Our specialization is custom development for business automation. Since 2011, we have developed more than 100 projects in more than 20 business areas. Our customers have not yet been able to set an insoluble task for us. Leave a request on the site, and when a manager contacts you, pass this information to him, an individual proposal will be drawn up for you.

Is it possible to order the “Standard” package, but include some items from the “Maximum”?

Yes, of course, leave a request on the site, and when a manager contacts you, pass this information to him, he will make an individual calculation for your software.

Please note that you can choose additional items from more expensive packages, as well as the possibility of individual custom improvements, only starting with the «Standard» package.

Will my staff be able to figure out the software?

According to reviews of many companies, our software is much simpler and more convenient, it has a concise and intuitive interface. Employees master it on their own within 1 hour. We also provide free training before implementation (starting with the «Standard» package). Plus, there is technical support that will always answer any question.

Suddenly you stop working, what should I do then?

We are not going to close. We are an IT company accredited by the Ministry of Communications, which is actively developing not only in the field of car rental. We have a large number of customers, including federal companies that are on paid technical support.

Together with the software, we give you all the instructions for installing, reinstalling, transferring data and so on.

The softwares developed by our company are open source. Any sensible programmer is able to deal with it within a couple of weeks and carry out the necessary improvements, if necessary.

How expensive will the improvements to the software be? What if you get me hooked on a service?

NO monthly fee or hidden fees. The software is bought 1 time and becomes your property.

NO mandatory or paid updates. We never force customers to upgrade for a fee.

We do individual projects, so if everything suits you in the developed software, then you do not need to pay extra for it. And if improvements are required, then our pricing is very transparent for you. The work is always justified in volume. For each revision, if necessary, we form a cover letter explaining why such a volume of work is needed. We do not say: it will cost 5, 2, 5 hundred. We consider everything in the standard hours.

Is it possible to integrate your software with existing systems?

Yes, sure. We have repeatedly integrated our software with a wide variety of third-party systems — 1C, Excel, digital PBX based on Asterisk, integration with sites, databases and geolocation services, and more.

Why should I choose your company?

Because our main task is not just to sell you a software, but to make it work for you. In other words, the result is important to us — successful implementation, namely, that the software will benefit you.

We already have a software, but let's say we get yours. Can we then transfer data from the old software?

Our experts will transfer completely all the data from the old software to the new one, and, if desired, will clear the database of old irrelevant data that slows down the system.

This service is called “Importing data from old softwares” and is included in the “Maximum” package. However, you can order the same service for any other package. Leave a request on the site, and when the manager contacts you, pass this information to him, an individual proposal will be drawn up for you.

How can I watch the software live?

Leave a request on the site, our specialist will contact you and at any time convenient for you will hold a «live» presentation on Skype in the screen demonstration mode — you will watch and ask questions.

Can I chat with your customers who bought the software?

Most likely, they will not mind. In the section «Reviews» there are links to the sites of our customers.

How fast do you respond to calls?

Reply to the request by mail is usually within 1 hour. If the question is more urgent, then you can call the phone number listed above.

For customers with the «Maximum» package, your project manager will immediately respond to all questions.


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